Transit State of Good Repair - West 2023 Conference

New York, NY, September 18, 2023 - Network Rail Consulting, Inc. (NRC), is excited to participate at Global Mass Transit’s second annual Transit State of Good Repair West conference in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA, September 20-21, 2023. The firm is pleased to have in attendance, several rail engineering subject matter experts, each accomplished in his own right, as moderators, presenters, and company delegates. They will look forward to engaging in discussions with transportation agencies, consultants, and service providers, around key issues in transit state of good repair and transit asset management (TAM). Below are highlights of NRC’s attendees’ contributions to the conference:

Mark Pettigrew

Mark Pettigrew, Regional Director US, NRC

Mark Pettigrew, Regional Director of the US, will be moderator for Session 8: SGR Case Studies and Best Practices on September 21, 9:00 am – 10:15 am, where he will host a panel with representatives from Metrolink, Trapeze, North County Transit District (NCCTD), and Kitsap Transit.


Simon Whitehorn, Associate Vice President West Coast Markets, NRC.

Simon Whitehorn, Associate Vice President of NRC’s West Coast markets, will moderate Session 7, a keynote panel discussion on, SGR Progress, Plans, and Priorities of Transit Agencies, which include executives from AC Transit, Utah Transit Authority, Monterey-Salinas Transit District (MST), and Sound Transit.


Ryan Scott, Director High-Speed Systems, NRC.

Ryan Scott, Director High-Speed Systems is presenting Session 11: Rolling Stock and Systems’ Asset Management.


Andrew Clapham, Managing Consultant Train Control Systems, NRC.

Andrew Clapham, Managing Consultant, presents Session 5, Data and Analytics, Next Generation Predicative Maintenance Approach for Rail Switch Machines, respectively.

Completing the lineup of NRC’s delegates to SOGR West from the California offices will be Joseph Chroston-Bell, Project Sponsor; Michael “Mick” McNulty, Associate Director; and Elliott Wong, Project Manager.

The mission of the conference is to provide a forum for discussion of topics such as, current status and leading-edge developments in state of good repair; transit asset management plans; safety, recent technologies; reliability; sustainability; and the role of data and analytics.

NRC brings the expertise of Network Rail to clients around the world as a peer rail owner and operator, for decades, a leader in the introduction of new and innovative technologies and solutions for rail infrastructure asset management and maintenance programs.

We hope to see you at SOGR West!




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Notes to Editors

About Network Rail Consulting

Network Rail Consulting is a wholly owned subsidiary of Network Rail and was established in 2012 to benchmark Network Rail’s capabilities in the international market and enhance the capabilities of its staff through international experience which could then be deployed back into its UK operations.

The board of directors of Network Rail Consulting comprises Jeremy Westlake (non-executive chair), Nigel Ash (global managing director), Tim Shoveller (non-executive director), Andrew Noble (finance director) and Ian Dobbs (non-executive director). Network Rail Consulting has subsidiaries in Australia, Canada and the USA; and operates from offices in Boston, Brisbane, London (HQ), Melbourne, New York, Riyadh, Sacramento, San Francisco, Sydney, Toronto and Washington DC.

Network Rail Consulting is selling the full range of rail expertise available within Network Rail including asset management, maintenance planning and optimisation, timetabling and simulation modelling, technical assistance and interim management; and project and programme management.

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